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Talia Charcuterie Table

Introducing Talia Charcuterie Table—The Ultimate Christmas Party Experience!

Elevate your holiday celebrations with Talia Charcuterie Table, the perfect option for hosting your staff or friends’ party. Your event will revolve around a sumptuous charcuterie table brimming with delightful treats and festive holiday spirit.

What Sets Talia Charcuterie Table Apart

We offer four carefully curated selections, ranging from light cheese and crackers to elegant meats, accompanied by decadent jams, succulent figs, and irresistible desserts. With years of experience hosting charcuterie parties, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest imported cheese and meats from around the globe, partnering with a trusted cheesemonger in Detroit, Michigan, established in 1843.

But wait, there’s more! This year, we’re introducing an exciting new concept: Rent Talia Main Street from 5-8 pm for a strolling party experience. Your guests can enjoy a tempting array of food and beverage options while mingling in our charming space. And to add an extra special touch, you will have your own private barista for the night, serving handcrafted drinks to delight your guests.

Ready to make your party unforgettable? Email us at for pricing and availability.